Pardot QuickStart*

Completion Time
  • 3-5 weeks (dependent on IP warming needs).

  • Project Manager and Architect
  • Admin

Description and Key Benefits

Find more leads and convert them faster. Align marketing, sales, and service teams and build customer/donor loyalty. Act on insights faster by tracking them in one central place. Intelligent lead nurturing that adapts to your audience’s activity.

What’s Included?
  • Journey Mapping.
  • Solution Design with documentation
  • Roll out strategy

  • Implement website tracking to capture visitors.
  • Setup vanity tracking domain for Pardot-hosted content.
  • Email validation and scrubbing to ensure deliverability.
  • IP warming configuration and plan.
  • Configure applicable connectors (Google Adwords, analytics, social media).
  • Configure Pardot Salesforce connector and object mapping.
  • Configure lead scoring.
  • Engagement Studio Setup including one email drip campaign setup – 1 full journey.
  • Upload marketing assets (logos, banners, images).
  • Configure 3 email templates.
  • Configure preference and unsubscribe pages.
  • Implement 2 Landing pages.
  • Configure up to 6 segmentation rules.
  • Configure up to 6 automation rules.
  • Configure Users.
  • Configure Lead and Contact pages to include Pardot fields.

Training Session
  • Three complimentary 60 min remote training sessions + 1 hour admin training.

Post Go-live
  • 2 weeks of post launch support – 10 hours per week

*Focusing on fast development and turnaround for common Salesforce product configurations, a QuickStart implements key Salesforce functionality for a set price and known scope of work.