Experience Cloud QuickStart*

Completion Time
  • 3-4 weeks

  • Project Manager and Architect
  • Developer
  • QA Specialist

Description and Key Benefits

Increase engagement, loyalty, and accessibility to your customers, donors, or partners. Show your technical expertise and deflect manual tasks within Salesforce. Provide direct and controlled access to Salesforce data within a specialized external facing UI.

What’s Included?
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Solution Design with documentation (responsive and mobile friendly)
  • Roll out strategy

  • Setup Communities portal.
  • Configure landing page, menu tabs, pages, and page components.
  • Setup Community pages for Standard and Custom objects.
  • Setup custom community URL.
  • Set up company branding.
  • Configure Security for Data Visibility.
  • Profile, Object & Field Level Security.
  • Setup Users and Licenses.
  • Custom branded User Registration/Sign-in page.
  • Quality assurance review.
  • Deployment to QA, UAT, and production.

Training Session
  • 1 hour admin training.

Post Go-live
  • 2 weeks of post launch support – 10 hours per week

*Focusing on fast development and turnaround for common Salesforce product configurations, a QuickStart implements key Salesforce functionality for a set price and known scope of work.