Field Service Lightning QuickStart*

Completion Time
  • 4-8 weeks

  • Project Manager and Architect
  • Admin
  • QA Specialist

Description and Key Benefits

Increase productivity with with automated scheduling and optimization. Dispatch the right worker for the right job and improve customer satisfaction. Implement scheduling optimization to reduce idle time and improve productivity.

What’s Included?
  • Business Process Mapping.
  • Solution Design with documentation.
  • Roll out strategy.

  • Configure up to 10 work types.
  • Configuration of FSL mobile app.
  • Create up to 30 skills.
  • Create 1 dashboard.
  • Customization of the dispatcher console.
  • Create and load up to 5 service territories.
  • Create and load up to 15 service resources with up to 3 skills each.
  • Up to 3 flows to improve work order, service appointment, and work order line item automation.
  • Configure 1 service report template.
  • Quality assurance review.
  • Configure up to 20 users.
  • Configure Profiles, Permission sets, licenses.
  • Deployment to QA, UAT, and production.

Training Session
  • Three complimentary 60 min remote training sessions + 1 hour admin training.

Post Go-live
  • 2 weeks of post launch support – 10 hours per week.

*Focusing on fast development and turnaround for common Salesforce product configurations, a QuickStart implements key Salesforce functionality for a set price and known scope of work.