Solutions to drive success for your hospital or medical center

In today’s healthcare landscape, organizations need solutions that not only enhance their operations but also offer information and tools to improve the health of their patients. With expertise in both Salesforce and healthcare, Jax Consulting has the knowledge and experience to deliver sophisticated solutions across the healthcare spectrum. With a complete 360-degree view of each patient, provider, and member, you can engage and delight your communities with every interaction. Whether you’re a payer, provider, or biotech organization, our team is passionate and dedicated to supporting your adoption of Salesforce to realize its maximum potential. Our solutions can be implemented with a cost structure that fits your financial needs. Let Jax help you stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional patient experiences.


Patient Engagement & Acquisiton

Increase patient acquisition and retention by optimizing inbound referral and outreach strategies for providers. Achieve a 360-degree view of members, patients, and providers.


Patient, Member and Provider Portal Solutions

Access vital medical and insurance information instantly with our intelligent portals customized to the unique needs of patients, members, or providers.


Member Enrollment

Give your users a hassle-free and enjoyable enrollment experience with a process designed specifically for payers’ prospective members


Mobile & Home Health Solutions

Enhance patient and member engagement through mobile interactions, including care management and health assessments that utilize cutting-edge mobile routing and optimization.

Simplify Complex Healthcare Operations

360° Healthcare Support

Transform your patient and member engagement by equipping your team with modern tools and intelligent data



Give your care team seamless access to critical patient data, empowering them to deliver effective care to every patient. Our automation, guided flows, and artificial intelligence technology will revolutionize your patient care experience. Plus, HIPAA-compliant Salesforce Health Cloud care programs ensure patient privacy and confidentiality.



Broaden your organizational capabilities and add value with Jax Consulting. Our Salesforce proficiency will help you enhance mobile health worker efficiency, generate new revenue opportunities, and boost performance.

Biotech and Diagnostics


Reach the right audience at the right moment with Jax Consulting’s Salesforce expertise. Our advanced data visualization tools and automation features will empower your team to pursue medical innovation while continuing to optimize sales throughout the delivery lifecycle.


Home Health Solutions

In order to deliver healthcare services outside of your facility, efficiency and accuracy are key. Responsive mobile tools and process automation enable you to enhance your mobile teams’ capabilities, improving their performance in the field. With Jax Consulting, you can achieve greater success in delivering field services.